BitWrench v2: A Simple Arcade Button Wrench


BitWrench makes arcade control panel assembly quick and painless! 

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BitWrench makes arcade control panel assembly quick and painless! No more tightening button fasteners with ChanneLocks or clunky pliers. Easy to access both commonly used 1 1/8″ plastic nuts and 15/16″ Palnuts, even with switches and wiring still in place. Laser cut from 6061-T6 aluminum which compliments any DIY’s toolbox.

• No more using wrong-sized pliers or ChanneLocks to secure buttons!
• Compatible with both 1 1/8″ button nuts & 15/16″ Palnuts
• 15 degree design allows for precise positioning for hard to reach places
• Easy access to plastic fasteners/palnuts without removing delicate leaf or microbutton switches
• Laser Cut Carbon Steel. Tumbled and black anaodized for a clean, matte finish
• Made in USA

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